We stock our pantry each quarter on the solstice or equinox with everything we'll need for the coming season. It probably goes without saying that we don't need to buy everything on the list below each quarter, but we do try to make sure we're fully stocked up on items that have begun to run low at the beginning of the season. Why? The fewer times we have to go to the store, the less money we spend on shopping. Sure, quarterly shopping costs more up front, but it also eliminates many of the little trips to the store where we inevitably make impulse purchases that are more expensive, usually unhealthy, and always unnecessary. And, if we're going to splurge, we try to do it at the farmers market or local specialty shops where we know our dollars are supporting great artisans and we're indulging in amazing food. 



Each year we try to get a little better at reducing our waste when we shop for, and store, our food. We've got a long way yet to go to before becoming a zero waste household, but here's how we've gotten started reducing our garbage footprint:

  • We store reusable shopping bags in our car (if you're a bike commuter, try keeping a few in your bicycle bag or panniers). When we get home, we unload our items straight away and put the bags back in the car before we get caught up in something else.
  • Shop in the bulk section and bring your own reusable bulk produce bags.
  • Store your dry goods in reusable glass containers like Mason or Weck jars.