It was a soggy April day when Jan Kronke of Oregon Timberwerks pulled up with his little crew at our forest property to build us a tiny cabin.

When we say he pulled up, we really mean that he painstakingly backed his dually truck and trailer along our narrow driveway, then bumped over exposed tree roots before coming to a halt at the base of the meadow where we all breathed a sigh of relief.

The group of five (including Evan) didn't waste any time before surveying the area and unbinding the load of neatly packed and smartly labeled pieces which Jan mills from timber on his land, and pre-assembles in his workshop. The next four days were wet and grueling for the crew.

Happily, aside from the weather, we had a smooth build. Nobody was injured, and in the end there stood a small 12x12 cedar cabin with a sleeping loft and a six foot deck on the front of it, plus a little outhouse nestled just inside the edge of the wood.

Check out a few photos of the building process below to get a better sense for Jan's handiwork. We couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out! This is truly our dream come true.

Next up is painting and weather-proofing. 

2016-04-21 12.00.26.jpg
2016-04-21 10.27.07.jpg
2016-04-22 12.56.12.jpg
2016-04-22 14.57.16.jpg
2016-04-24 18.57.59.jpg
2016-04-24 19.04.30.jpg