It has been a wet week and a half and it doesn’t look promising for the next week and a half either. The radishes we planted two weeks ago are sprouting fine, though. And we’re still eating off the spinach plants in the front yard every morning. Judith makes smoothies for us before work: spinach, blueberries (picked over the summer and frozen since), banana, carrot juice, apple juice, and occasionally kale. There are only two stalks of the Redbor kale in the front that have overwintered, but there are close to ten spinach plants producing sizable leaves. As such, I only harvest the kale about once a week. There are still two cedar barrels full of leeks grown from last autumn, so some of them went into a soup with potatoes for lunch today. Using the wet weather to our advantage, we set the four seed trays—that we started when we planted the radishes—in the garage under plant bulbs, rather than keeping them on the kitchen table in front of the window. Progress comes slowly, but progress comes.