A few weeks back we began the construction of a chicken yard in which to house our previously purchased chicken coop and future chickens. We framed it out, which took the better part of a weekend, after which we stepped back and then decided to undo what we had done and go at it again, this time setting the roof up at about a 9 degree angle sloping yard to alley. About that time, though, we realized this structure would be far more permanent than we first imagined. This brought about the discussion of our aging chain link fence–which does little to hide the snarling neighbor dogs–against which we were going to set the yard. That’s when the project stalled. We figured if we were going to do things right, we ought to first get the fence situation squared away, meaning we had better build it before we finished off the chicken yard. At that point the seeds which we had started in the garage made clear to us that in the time we had deliberated about the fence, spring had come and with it the constant needs of seedlings.